Wood Guide & Stain Policy

The photos on this website are intended to introduce you to the range of furniture we sell. These photos should also give you an idea of our stain colours, as well as the grains and characteristics of the different woods we offer. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the colours and finishes that you see in these photographs.

Wood Types

LakeCity Woodworkers uses a number of different woods in tis products, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Your wood choice may be influenced by the type of furniture, planned use for the product, and your personal preferences. 

As all of our products are made with real wood, there is a natural variation that can occur in the wood grain, colour and other characteristics. Some customers like a very defined grain or wood characteristics like knots or worm holes, but some do not. The samples shown online do not show all the possible variations that could be present in each type of wood.

Contact or visit our retail shop to get a feel for the unique characteristics of each wood type!

Stain Colours

Colours in the photographs may vary from the actual colours due to:

  • Reproduction limitations of photography and its lighting sources.
  • The limitations of viewing photos at the website's resolutions.
  • Variations in your monitor's settings, including colour and resolution.
  • The variations of wood grain, colour, character, and texture that make up your actual  piece of furniture, verses that of the piece shown on our website.
  • Slight variations from one stain lot to another.
  • Freshly stained wood furniture may differ in colour from wood furniture that was stained a month or more prior to photographing. Wood, as a natural product, will deepen in colour over time, even after staining and sealing. For example, pine and oak become richer golden hues as they age.

Please note: There are no industry standards for stain names. Some of our stains may have the same or similar name as other companies' products, but they may not be the same colours. As well, keep in mind that a colour's name may not indicate what you think that colour should be. For example, our "Coffee Bean" stain may be based on a different roast from your morning brew! Please do not choose a stain using color names as your guide. It is best view a sample in person. 

Please visit our showroom to view our stain colours, and to experience the quality of our products.

Stain Policy 

Although we will try our best to duplicate your previous LakeCity purchase, we are unable to guarantee a perfect colour match. 

As a natural product, variations in wood's density, colour, and grain patterns are normal and part of its beauty. 

As well, the stains may cause differences, as colour lots can vary slightly,  and our stain colours themselves may change sometime over time.